In-Home Massage Therapy

enjoy a massage in the comfort of your own home

currently serving los angeles county

CONSCIOUS AGING is all about preventation and providing your body with the best care possible in order to age successfully. We recommend that our clients make massage therapy a regular part of their preventative healthcare regimen. Massage is so much more than JUST a relaxing time. Massage is an incredible way to prevent needing surgery, prevent high blood pressure, increase motion, detox the body, increase your energy level and so much more! Book today and enjoy a massage in the comfort of your own home!

Our therapists are licensed and insured. They come equipped with a massage table, sheets and massage enhancements.

Massage Sessions

60-Minute | 120

90-Minute | 170

120-Minute | 220

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Massage Enhancements

Organic Chronic Pain Relief Oil | 10

Organic Muscle Tension Relief Oil | 10

Organic Arthritis Relief Oil |10

Organic Anti-Anxiety & Stress Relief Oil | 10