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Who We Are

We are here to empower you and inspire you.

Conscious Aging Solutions is here to obliterate the illusion that we are separate from the earth. Conscious Aging is about making holistic and preventative choices that help to regenerate and bring balance to the body, mind, and spirit and to our world. We are here to help guide and support you on your journey to health and longevity.

We challenge you to Leave a Legacy of conscious aging to your children and grandchildren.

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Erin W. Martin, Gerontologist | Founder

Erin W. Martin, MASM is a fierce and passionate gerontologist and advocate. She started working with older adults at the age of fifteen. Erin attended The University of Tulsa's Collins College of Business and completed a Bachelors in Business Management. She also holds a Masters in Gerontology from the University of Southern California, the first and #1 Gerontology school in the world founded by AARP. During her Masters program, Martin ran a team of advocates serving over 700 low-income older adults in the Southern California area. In 2017, Erin founded Conscious Aging Solutions, LLC to empower and educate older adults in navigating the Western health and social systems while offering organic and conscious approaches to aging successfully and powerfully.


Conscious Aging Solutions has an incredible team of contributors and supporters. We are proud to work with each and all of our vendors, clients, partners and financial supporters.

Romi Stepovich, C.Phil is a certified essential oil specialist, aromatherapist, and crystal expert. Romi is passionate about products that are organic and EFFECTIVE! She has a real knack at creating the perfect blends that WORK!

Michael Calloway, LMT & CPT is a professional massage therapist and personal trainer specializing in injury rehabilitation and strength training. Michael is passionate about caring for older adults and is an active caregiver for his family.

Ronda Alflen, CEO of Make Art Shine, is in charge of our brand and social media management. Ronda has an intuitive eye for translating our mission into clear, professional communication and imagery.


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